High Speed Passenger Transport


High Speed Overhead Passenger1A typical problem facing most major cities around the world is the increasing congestion experienced on motorways / interstates leading into the cities. Those in authority are searching for solutions to these problems. Most of the solutions are very expensive, and only lead to temporary relief.

These solutions include widening the motorways / interstates, slapping a toll on the use of the road (which usually adds to traffic on adjacent roads), or building railways or subways. Other methods include installing high-tech traffic monitoring / control systems.

High Speed Passenger Transport - Capable of 500kphOn the other hand, dual rail STU systems can easily be constructed for far less than the above solutions and can greatly increase the amount of people able to travel to / from a city. These systems are also far cheaper to operate than any other transport system.

In many cases, they can be constructed down the middle of existing motorways / interstates, eliminating the need to purchase additional land.

STU systems can also have unibuses arriving within a few minutes of each other in peak times. This eliminates one major problem that prevents people using public transport.

For distances up to 1,000 km, these systems will be faster than air travel because they eliminate the long queues and check-ins at airports.

Also, it is simple to construct a high-capacity interchange between these high speed systems and the inner-city systems.

If you have some high speed passenger transportation needs, or would like to find out more information, please go ahead and contact us. We can discuss your needs and see if the STU system can meet those needs. You will never get sales pressure from us!