Inner City Transport Solution

 Dual Rail Passenger1Single rail STU systems take people, cars, buses, trams and light rail off the streets.

Can you imagine transporting 50,000 people per day around the city without noise, pollution, traffic jams, accidents?

Can you imagine doing this without putting something ELSE on the streets in its place?

How is it possible?

Single rail STU systems operate at up to 100 metres above ground and can be constructed between office buildings, apartments or other high-rise buildings.

Apartment building, did you say?

Yes, I did. Can you imagine an apartment building that was connected to the city's public transport system? That's right. Providing the initial design allowed for the connection of the single-rail system (a horizontal load of 75 - 150 tonnes), all the residents of the apartment building would simply need to take the lift to the top floor and get straight onto the public transport system. No cars. No buses. No trams.

What about the new office building?

Don't add MORE cars, buses or trams to the city streets. Just connect it with a single-rail STU system, and all the office workers can have direct transport to their office - without those big costly underground car parks.

Apart from the benefits of removing traffic and pollution from the streets, STU systems are FAR cheaper to operate / maintain than ANY other form of inner city transport solution. They can also be constructed for about 10% of the cost of a light rail or mono-rail system.

Suspended Passenger TransportWhereas single rail STU systems are installed high above the city, dual rail systems are generally installed 6 - 10 metres above ground. One of the main benefits of the dual rail system is that it can be installed in many existing thoroughfares (like shown to the right). It can be installed down the middle of a city streets.

Because of the extremely low cost of the light versions (US $1 million per km), they can be installed all over the city - along existing streets or most other easements. This allows for the removal of buses, trams, etc from existing roads.

If you have some inner-city transportation needs, or would like to find out more information, please go ahead and contact us. We can discuss your needs and see if the STU system can meet those needs. You will never get sales pressure from us!