STU Applications

Although there are hundreds of potential applications of STU systems, we will describe a few of the main applications below.

Regardless of the application, STU systems are almost always far cheaper to construct than alternative transport solutions. They are also always cheaper to operate, and have a far lower impact on the environment.

High Speed Passenger Transport Solution

High Speed Passenger SystemA typical problem facing most major cities around the world is the increasing congestion experienced on motorways / interstates leading into the cities. Those in authority are searching for solutions to these problems. Most of the solutions are very expensive, and only lead to temporary relief.

On the other hand, dual rail STU systems can easily be constructed for far less than the above solutions and can greatly increase the amount of people able to travel to / from a city. These systems are also far cheaper to operate than any other transport system.

In many cases, they can be constructed down the middle of existing motorways / interstates, eliminating the need to purchase additional land.

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Inner City Passenger Transport SolutionInner_City_Passenger_Transport_along_Main_Street

Single rail STU systems take people, cars, buses, trams and light rail off the streets.

Can you imagine transporting 50,000 people per day around the city without noise, pollution, traffic jams, accidents?

Can you imagine doing this without putting something ELSE on the streets in its place?

Single rail STU systems achieve this by being constructed between tops of high-rise buildings

Dual Rail Passenger Transport Installed along existing roadwayWhereas single rail STU systems are installed high above the city, dual rail systems are generally installed 6 - 10 metres above ground. One of the main benefits of the dual rail system is that it can be installed in many existing thoroughfares (like shown to the right). It can be installed down the middle of a city streets.

Because of the extremely low cost of the light versions, they can be installed all over the city. This allows for the removal of buses, trams, etc from existing roads.

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Freight Transport Solutions

What about freight transport? Can STU systems be used to transport freight?

Yes. In fact, the construction cost of a single rail STU system will almost always be less than half the cost of a traditional railway installation. Apart from the initial construction cost savings, the savings continue because operating and maintain a STU Bulk_Cargo_Transport1system is far less expensive. Although each system will have different operating costs, as a general rule, the cost to transport a tonne of freight one kilometre will be half the cost of transporting it by conventional rail.

Apart from the cost savings, there are plenty of other benefits. STU systems are more convenient, flexible and environmentally friendly. They can also be constructed in places where rail would be cost prohibitive.

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Mining Transport Solutions

The mining industry has some unique problems when it comes to transport, mainly due to the remote locations of many mine sites. Mines need to transport their coal or other ore products over many miles from the mine to the port (or other destination). They also have to transport mine workers to / from the mine site and transport their supplies to the mine.

A single STU system can handle all of the above requirements, while being constructed for less than the cost of a conventional rail line.

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Other Transport Solutions

Single rail STU can be used for a whole range of other transport requirements, over short or long distances.

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